Wedding Facts

Did you know?

1 First appearance of wedding was 1564. It became a part of churches

2 An old traditional rhyme says the bridge have to wear on her wedding day something old, something new, something barrowed and something blue

3 Shards bring luck

4 Queen Victoria in 1840 was the first who married in a white dress. Earlier women married in black

5 Rain on wedding day brigs luck

6 In some countries people weaer their ring on the right hand.; the old Germanic tribes through the bloodline is much closer to the heart. In contrast the Romans said the left ring finger is the „vena amore”

7 Two of five persons marry her first love

8 Never show your groom your wedding dress before the ceremony

9 Longest marriage was in India: the couple was married for 90 years

10 Shortest marriage was 2019: A woman in Kuwait asked for divorce after 3 minutes

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